The new European standards and regulations governing car distribution are a great advantage to the driver, allowing to choose, with no restrictions, an assistance point to one’s vehicle. Aware of the new opportunities that this regulation represents, combined with the potentialities of the independent repairers, Create presents “A Oficina” in response to the market’s new reality.

“A Oficina” allows you to increase the know-how, improve the image, and increment the activity and competitiveness of your company in the face of official dealers and quick services networks.

“A Oficina” is a project whose purpose is the implementation of a national network of car repair shops with great quality patterns, which, thanks to the image, world-class technical competence and high quality of the products and services it supplies, clearly meets the new market demands and the end customer’s needs. The communication with the latter and the realization of commercial partnerships with large companies, combined with a very complete training program and permanent technical support, are the pillars of this project.

The “Auto Check Center” network was created in Portugal, in June 2013. It is a brand from the ATR International AG group, present in 6 countries in Europe, and developed in Portugal by Create, and it aims at enhancing the credibility, the visibility and the competitive advantages of member car repair shops before the end customer.

Every car repair shop belonging to the network provides maintenance and repair services in the mechanical area. They are provided with diagnostic equipment that makes diagnostics and electronic failure repair of every vehicle systems possible. All the network’s car repair shops have an Air Conditioning Certification.

While adhering to ACC, independent repairers guarantee: the access to original quality parts; greater efficiency, thanks to the application of work processes that minimize mistakes and increase productivity; the access to a complete environmental management program; a strongly practice-based technical training program focused on the resolution of everyday issues; the access to a technical hotline available 8 hours per day, 5 days in a week; an attractive image that will increase the current and future customers’ confidence, resulting in a turnover increase.

Bosch Car Service is an automotive repair shop network oriented to effectively respond to the new challenges of the automotive sector.

From simpler to more complex services, in the more than Bosch Car Service’s 140 car repair shops, spread all over the country, one can find professional technicians and advanced means for diagnostics and repair work on cars from every brand.

Bosch Car Service’s car repair shops receive technical, business and commercial support from Bosch, the world’s largest supplier to the automotive industry.

AutoCrew workshops complement Bosch Car Service’s concept.

They offer the driver a competent branded service, which covers every aspect of automotive maintenance.

The range of services includes Bosch’s traditional electrical, electronic and diesel components in the automotive industry, as well as mechanical repairs, inspections and maintenance.