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Commission Regulation (EU) No 461/2010

Here are, in a question and answer format, some practical examples of the main advantages you have obtained with the application of this regulation:

Can a car under warranty be taken in for a service or be repaired in any workshop?

• The warranty is a contract between the vehicle manufacturer (VW, Opel, Peugeot, BMW, etc.) and the end customer, who buys it. For this reason, any car, regardless of its brand, can be serviced or repaired at any workshop, be it authorized or independent. The end customer is the one who chooses the place where he wants to carry out the maintenance, according to his preference.

If, during the warranty period, a car is serviced in an independent workshop, will that void the warranty?

• During and after the warranty period, the vehicle owner is free to choose the location where he wants his car to be serviced. If you choose an independent workshop for servicing, repair and maintenance operations during the warranty period, the warranty entitlement will remain valid.

During the warranty period, will using a different brand of oil from the one recommended by the manufacturer void the warranty?

• This information is illegal. In case that happens, ask the dealer in question to write a statement with that information and sent it to Create. Our legal office will defend your rights at no cost to you.

The last time I got my car to be serviced, I did it at an independent garage, and now the dealer says my warranty became void. Is this true?

• This information is illegal. If you are our client and that happens, ask the dealer in question to write a statement with that information and sent it to Create. Our legal office will defend your rights at no cost to you.

Because I had a warning light on my dashboard, I took my car to a dealer during the warranty period. Then, I was charged this repair for having had my car repaired at an independent repair shop. Do I really have to pay for it?

• Charging this type of service during the warranty period for that reason is completely illegal.
During the vehicle’s lifespan, including the warranty period, the owner is completely free to choose the place where it wants to carry out its servicing, repair and/or maintenance. If the dealer obliges you to pay for the repair, you must turn to Create's legal services or to Consumer Protection.

If I don’t service my car at the specified intervals recommended by the manufacturer, will the warranty become void?

• If the service intervals are not fulfilled according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications, the warranty expires automatically. However, maintenance can be done in independent workshops.
Create's customer network has quality training and technical information that enables it to maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer's specifications in a more convenient and economical way.

Regulation (EC) No 715/2007

On June 20, 2007, the European Parliament adopted Regulation 715/2007, which consists of defining guidelines for Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards (which aim to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions).

The main highlights for this regulation are:

• The access to technical information owned by motor vehicle manufacturers must be free and standardized according to the OASIS format;

• The access must be performed easily and quickly through the brand's website;

• There should be no differentiation between the information made available to the authorized workshops of each brand and the independent workshops;

• The technical information that each manufacturer is required to make available is the following:

• Clear Vehicle Identification
• Technical and maintenance manuals for each vehicle;
• Information on the diverse components and diagnostics;
• Electrical diagrams;
• Fault codes (even the ones specific of each brand);

This regulation should enter into force on January, 2, 2009. This regulation’s main objective is to allow independent repairers to have access to all the information on a particular vehicle and in a standard format, and assure that the cost is proportional to the information required (in other words, they should not pay for all the available information for a particular vehicle, but just for what they need to perform a given operation):
Even with the introduction of this regulation, Create will continue to focus on providing to its customer network the VIVID technical information software. This software presents the following benefits when compared to the technical information to be provided by the brands:

• Vivid software’s format provides an easier and more direct access than the standard of the OASIS standard;

• As a multi-brand technical information software, Vivid will save independent workshops time and resources;

• The technical information available in Vivid software is top-notch and committed to keeping you up-to-date online

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