Through this program, Create intends to be a credible supplier to auto repair shops, providing them with a global solution for their activity that meet their needs on a daily basis.

When adhering to the Vision Program, every auto repair shop gets access exclusive prizes and campaigns for their customers, qualified training and technical information, as well as suitable tools and equipment.

Create invests on its customers’ technical qualification as a way to improve their skills, broaden the portfolio of services they provide to their customers and assure their future.

Its training is a very complete one, comprehending areas ranging from air conditioning to engine management systems for diesel and gasoline engines, from passive and active safety to braking systems.

The training’s quality standards are ensured by the trainer’s certification, as well as all material made available for the realization of these actions.

Besides the programmed training courses, Create provides thematic workshops adapted to its customers’ individual and occasional needs.

Currently, vehicles have certain specifications with stricter tolerances, wherefore the access to a complete, precise technical information by auto repair shops is fundamental.

Create offers a complete and up-to-date database where customers can find vehicle-general data, schemes that illustrate the correct application of timing belts , maintenance program, chassis measures, mechanical adjustments, data adjustment, electrical diagrams (including, among others, diesel, airbag and ABS) and location of components with the respective testing data.

The quality of the information we provide is undoubtedly an excellent aid in the diagnosis and a very important commercial tool.

Modern companies, besides the constant need to keep themselves up-to-date, drawing on training, computerization, and acquisition of technical equipment, have to develop a responsible work, in compliance with all regulatory standards concerning the environment.

Create offers an environmental solution that suits its customers’ needs through an efficient waste management program, ensuring the application of all the standards and applicable environmental legislation, also issuing an Environmental Compliance Certificate.

Nowadays it is essential that the information is organized and easily accessible.

In this way, Create provides a digital platform called “+ Valor Portal” where the professional has access to a set of tools of commercial support, auto workshop processes and multi-brand technical information.

The platform integrates parts catalog with crosses, availability of stock, prices and direct order. There is also a space dedicated to the auto workshops, where it is possible to manage the scheduling, car quotes, direct integration of invoices, insertion of notes, reminders, among others.

+ Valor Portal is the complete solution that helps the auto workshops, through the addition of a set of added value tools, allowing professionals to be able to monetize their business and invest more time in the relationship with the client.

Crion is a system developed with the auto repair shop in mind, where everything is integrated. Vehicle identification, budgeting, worksheet, parts catalog, etc., so that time can be saved for professionals and they can invest more in the relationship with the client.

The system was developed in a partnership between Create and Guisoft (a software house), and has 4 advanced modules:

Advanced Receiving Module (MAR)

– Identification of the Vehicle by Car plate number;

– History of interventions in the auto repair shop;

– User-tailored check-list for a complete car check-up;

– Maintenance as per the car manufacturer specifications;

– Additional services requested by the driver and introduced by voice;

Advanced Process Module (MAP)

– Create catalog introduced in the garage management software;

– Original Technical Information;

  • HaynesPro;

– Maintenance Plans;

– Integration of call-center quotes;

– Visibility of the customer Stock and Create stock in the catalog;

– Quotes issued to client;

– Worksheets;

Advanced Management Module (MAG)

– Full control of the auto repair shop;

– Measurement of hours worked;

– Management Reports;

Integration of purchase invoices to Create;

Customer invoicing;

Advanced Contact Module (MAC)

Management of databases;

Communication of events;

Scheduled SMS and E-mails.